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The Body Spa opened on the 4th of July 2013. As one walks in, the fresh, energizing colors and amazing aroma immediately tells a person that this is the right place to Re-energize, Refresh and Renew. The Body Spa takes pride in providing our clients with professional, enjoyable and relaxing services. We strongly believe in continuing education and regularly attend trade shows, seminars and classes worldwide to ensure that we are bringing current and new techniques to our clientele.

At the Body Spa we believe that it is essential to respect the body, as well as our environment. We use only organic products, which are free from animal testing, parabens and synthetic dyes.

Come and enjoy a day in our beautiful and comfortable facility and you will leave feeling revitalized and absolutely relaxed! With treatments designed for all tastes and body types, we provide you with not only a treatment but with an experience for the well being of the body and mind in harmony with the environment!

Elena Pavlidu
Managing Director



PHYT'S is pure organic luxury for the skin. PHYT'S Laboratories have been creating world class, therapeutic products over 40 years. All products are certified with by the stringent COSMEBIO standard. PHYT'S products contain 100% natural ingredients, no synthetic preservation, no artificial fragrance, no coloring agents, no GMO, no petrochemicals, no parabens and are not tested on animals.


Use the highest quality ingredients in the bath and body products, such as blue green marine algae, Shea and jojoba butters, aloe vera and powerful antioxidants to help hydrate your skin and keep it feeling soft , smooth and tone. All GET FRESH products are formulated without parabens, synthetic dyes, or sodium lauryl sulfates.


At the Body Spa we are proud for not using any products that were tested on animals!

Gift Certificates

A Gift Certificate from The Body Spa is the perfect gift for any occasion; Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Bridal gifts or just to say "Thank you" or "You deserve it".

Gift certificates may be customized with specific treatments from our Spa Menu or by expressing a dollar amount so that the recipient may choose.

All Gift Certificates are valid for 6 months.

To purchase a Gift Certificate:
1. Visit our beautiful facility
2. Email us
3. Call +1(721) 544-5808 or 581-0808

Massage Therapies

Massage therapies are the most natural and pleasent methods to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, increase immunity, regenerate the body and relieve tension.

Swedish Massage
55 minutes $80 / 75 minutes $115
Reduces tension, soothes sore muscles and increases the circulation.
Head and Shoulders
25 minutes $45
Deep, relaxing massage that targets the head, neck and shoulders.
Deep Tissue Massage
55 minutes $95 / 75 minutes $130
Specific type of massage therapy that concentrates on the deep layers of the muscles by using deep finger pressure ad slow, firm strokes.
Bamboo Massage
55 minutes $95 / 75 minutes $130
Traditional Asian technique using varying lenghts of bamboo stalks to work on various parts of the body, providing deeper muscle release and leaves you with a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.
Hot Stone Ritual
55 minutes $90 / 75 minutes $125
Relaxing massage therapy with a combination of warmed stones and massage to relieve tense muscles and stiffness.
55 minutes $90 / 75 minutes $125
Relaxing massage in combination with the beneficial properties of essential oils, relieve tension and revitalize the body and mind.
25 minutes $55 / 55 minutes $85
With reflexology techniques, the pressure points on the feet, hands and ears are stimulated to bring the whole body into balance.
Lymphatic Massage
55 minutes $85
Therapeutic massage uses light pressure and gentle rhytmic strokes to increase and improve lymphatic flow and to eliminate toxins.
Pre-Natal Massage
55 minutes $85
Relaxing massage that focuses on the special needs of the Mother-To-Be.
Couples Massage
55 minutes $160
Relaxing massage for two with aroma essential oils.

Body Treatments

Body treatments are essential for your whole body, they leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft.

Bio-Active Slimming Treatment
60 minutes $95
Intensive treatment effectively shape and tone your body. High concentrations of active ingredients (caffeine, fig tree buds, guarana and green tea) break down fatty deposits, improve look of cellulite areas and increase fat burning.
Mineral Body Scrub
60 minutes $85
Dead skin cells are gently exfoliated away leaving you feeling fresh and renewed. Hydrating lotion is applied at the end.
30 minutes $45 / 45 minutes $65
Shapes and slims body, reduces cellulite, improves lymphatic flow, circulation and venous problems, reduces bloating, swelling and water retention, provides immediate leg comfort and lightness.
Body Detox Wrap
$60 minutes $95
Detoxify your body and relax tight muscles with a mineral salt exfoliation, followed by a detoxifying black currant or lemongrass body wrap and refreshing massage.

Other Services

  • Eyebrow $12
  • Upper lip $10
  • Eyebrow and lip $20
  • Chin $10
  • Face $30
  • Underarms $15
  • Half arms $20
  • Full arms $30
  • Chest $30
  • Half legs $30
  • Full legs $40
  • Bikini starting at $25
  • Bikini and underarm $35
  • Back $45
  • Abdomen $30
  • Eyelash or eyebrow $15
  • Eyelash and eyebrow $25

  • Make up
    • Starting at $30

    • Hand and foot pampering
      • Manicure $30
      • Pedicure $40
      • Polish change $12
      • French tips $5

      • Sauna sessions
        • Up to 30 minutes $15
        • 30 to 60 minutes $20

        • Sauna sessions free with any body treatment


Personalized facial care adapted to skin type and to the client's desires. Create your own spa package! Choose 3 or more body treatments and get 15% off!

Traditional Facial
55 minutes $85
An individually formulated treatment rebalances the PH of all skin types.
Anti-Comedons Facial
55 minutes $85
Purifying facial treatment. Deeply cleanses, balances the skin, treats blackheads and detoxifies the skin. For oily, comedogenic and combination skin.
Energie Vital Facial
55 minutes $90
Immediate radiance facial care, anti-wrinkle prevention. Energizes, stimulates and revitalizes skin. Recommended for oily, normal, combination or over exposed skin.
Anti-Redness Facial
55 minutes $90
Calming and soothing specific facial care for fine, dry skin, broken capillaries, rosacea, sensitivity and redness.
White Bio-Active Facial
75 minutes $105
A complete facial care for a fast and visible whitening action on pigmentation. Enhance skin radiance and clarity.
Aqua Phyt's Hydrating Facial
55 minutes $90
Relaxing facial care using active herbal ingredients to heal and hold water in the tissues. This treatment soothes, tones and deeply hydrates the skin.
Signature Multi-Vita Intensive Anti-Aging Facial
85 minutes $115
Multi-vitamin specific anti-aging facial care. Beneficial cocktail of powerful vitamin infused active elements smoothes, re-mineralizes, firms, tones and visibly improves skin elasticity as well as minimize fine lines for younger looking skin.
Gentleman's Facial
55 minutes $85
This personalized facial is designed to address the needs of a gentleman's skin.
Eye and Lip Contour Treatment
25 minutes $55
A specialized eye and lip mask and firming serum tightens the skin, smoothes fine lines, moisturizes and reduces puffiness.
Body Refresh Package
85 minutes $125
Mineral body scrub and swedish massage.
The Body Spa Retreat Package
150 minutes $180
Aromatherapy massage, traditional facial and pedicure.


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